Sunday, October 24, 2010

Polymer Clay.

Polymer clay as we all know, is very popular nowadays. Many sellers from Multiply sells home baked accessories made of Polymer Clay. I was inspired by Michiko Mascarinas, the owner of an online shop ( Her works are very creative. From her name tags and dog tags, to her earrings and rings. I once ordered from her 2 clay rings and 2 clay earrings (The rest were not clay). I really did not care at first. I mean, I was a just a regular customer. But when I saw my orders, I was actually amazed. Amazed in a way that I admired her works even more. A few weeks after, I decided it was time to order my 2nd batch. :) I first ordered few earrings and a charm bracelet. But as I browse her album, I knew I'd order more. I was unstoppable (I think I annoyed Ate Miko a little bit because I keep on asking her how much are these, what about those.. etc.) but she was really kind, friendly and very patient to me. :) Moving on, haha. :) I became interested in Polymer Clay. I wanted to enroll in a Polymer Clay Workshop. I practiced molding clays on a regular molding clay that can be bought at any store. I tried to make a lady bug, a butterfly and a cupcake. My friends thought it was cute, but I was not satisfied. Of course, I do not expect to make a perfect one. Oh well."Practice makes perfect." I thought of buying my own materials. :) And oh, I found a perfect Polymer Clay Workshop for Beginners. :) But first things first. :)

These are the things I bought:

Cutters and etc. :) These were not more than P300. The cheese cutter, the wavy cutter, the design cutter and the needle tool were not more than P100. The Premo! Sculpey® Fashion Art Mini Metal Cutters was P269. :)

Destash? :) For earrings and charms.

My very own Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine :) -- P1740
This is how it looks when it's assembled.

8 KLAYOLA BARS (White, Black, Yellow, Bright Red, Hot Pink, Pearl Pink, Medium Brown, Skin) -- P85 each per 50g bar.

These were the things I bought for my Polymer Clay making. I bought the Cheese Cutter and Wavy Cutter at Landmark, TriNoma. I also bought a baking pan along with them but forgot to take a picture. The cutters were both P59.75 and the baking pan I think was P89.50. I bought the needle tool and design cutter from Saizen, a store which sells Japanese goods all for P85 inside True Value at the 1st level, TriNoma. :) The Silver destash, Premo! Sculpey® Fashion Art Mini Metal Cutters and Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine was from Deovir Arts located at the 3rd level, SM North Edsa. I had no idea that the Klayola Clay Bars were going to arrive today. I ordered them at They were the cheapest clay that I could find. I did not buy any Sculpey clay because I was just starting out. :) I do hope that all were worth buying for. :) Now for the Polymer Clay Workshop, I found this: Pretty cool huh? :) In all the workshops that I saw, this was the best yet. :) I'll enroll tomorrow since it's first come, first serve. :) Well, that's all for today. Till next time. :)

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