Monday, October 4, 2010

Late post.

I've been so busy this week. :( I did not have the chance to post the look that I wore recently. Well you see, I've been dying to have my 522 Wedges from Virtual Mae. Virtual Mae is an online shop on Multiply. ( I finally got it, and guess what? I'm in love. :"> The shoes were fab! I wore them last September 26. :) We went to TriNoma and bought a tripod and remote for our SLR.There it is. Haha. :) My shoes from Virtual Mae, top from Forever 21 and pants from Topshop. :)

Trying the remote. :) I am so excited. Too obvious? :))

Here's me, trying the tripod. Oyeaaahh what a cam addict I am. :))

Pardon my loser blog. :( I'm still working things out. :) I long for my 1 month sem break! :( See you!

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